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Criminal Record Certificate

What is it?

It is a certificate that can prove the lack of a criminal record or, where applicable, the existence of them.

NOTE: If you work with minors must apply through Internet Certificate of Sexual Offences.

Ordinary criminal record certificates issued after March 1, 2016 do NOT ENABLE to regularly work with children in Spain. From that date and that object is only valid certificate sexual offenses. You can apply through internet.

Who can request it?/present

Any individual of legal age and legal entities through their representatives.

In the case of citizens of the European Union other than the Spanish nationality the Central Register of Convicted request the central authority of the State of nationality of the person making the request, information on such records to be included in the certificate is provided. In this case, the processing of the license shall be subject to the rules, practice and time frames of the country in question.

Further information


NOTE: The information in this section only affect you if you are making your request in person or by mail. With electronic certificate access the Electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice.

  1. Completion of formulario.- Through the Model 790 or free at:
  2. Providing proof of identity of the person making the application.
    • The interested

      Original or certified copy of identity card, residence card, passport, driving license or equivalent document or identification Community in force, the person in respect of which certification is sought, provided that the document presented to identify reliably this.

    • Another person representing

      WHEN THE CERTIFICATE IS NOT APPLIED FOR IN PERSON BY THE INTERESTED PARTY BUT BY SOMEONE REPRESENTING HIM/HER, in addition to the documentation mentioned in point 2, this person must provide:

      • Original or photocopy officially certified or verified as a true copy of a valid identification of the principal.
      • Original or photocopy officially certified or verified as a true copy of the document that provides proof of representation by any means deemed valid under the law that provides a reliable record of same (public document authorised by a notary, private document with signatures authorised by a notary or private document, granted when the interested party appears in person before a public employee who will record this incident using a legal measure).
      • When the certificate as a LEGAL PERSON is requested, it shall be evidenced by notarial document representation, presenting the original or certified photocopy
  3. Payment of the fee.- Proof of payment of the fee, which can be credited in any of the following options:
    • Payment via electronic banking
      • If you have an account open and a digital signature allowing you to use the services provided by any of the financial entities collaborating with the Tax Agency, you can make the payment through their online banking services.
      • To do so, first download Form 790 from this website and fill in your Número de Justificante (Receipt Number) in the "Tasas Administrativas 790" field of your online banking system. If there is an option called "Código 006 Tasas Administrativas Ministerio de Justicia", fill it in there as well.
      • To have the certificate issued you must submit a Comprobante de Pago (proof of payment ) along with the sheet from Form 790 called "Ejemplar para la Administración" (Administration's Copy) to the Tax Office at the window, or else send them by post. To be valid, your Comprobante de Pago (proof of payment) must include the Número de Referencia Completo (full reference number or 'NRC') provided to you by the online banking system.
    • Other means of payment:
      • In Spain.
        • You may fill in Form 790 and bring it to a financial entity collaborating with the Tax Agency (nearly all of them do) to make payment. Payment will be accredited through machine validation or an authorised signature from the financial entity on the sheet from Form 790 called "Ejemplar para la Administración" (Administration’s Copy), which will have to be submitted at the Tax Office window or sent by post for the certificate to be issued.
      • From abroad.
        • You may sign Form 790 and bring it to the local branch of a Spanish financial entity collaborating with the Tax Office and present in the country where the application for the certificate is being filed. Payment will be accredited through machine validation or an authorised signature from the financial entity on the sheet from Form 790 called "Ejemplar para la Administración" (Administration's Copy), which will have to be forwarded.
        • You may also pay the fee via bank transfer, so long as the transfer is being sent from accounts open in banks located outside of Spanish territory. To send the transfer, use the IBAN or International Code for the Ministry of Justice's restricted deposit account, the details of which are provided below. Send the original copy of the proof of payment along with the sheet from Form 790 called "Ejemplar para la Administración".
          • BANK: BBVA
          • ACCOUNT HOLDER: Ministerio de Justicia - Cuenta Restringida Recaudación Tasas Extranjero (Ministry of Justice - Blocked Account for the Collection of Fees from Abroad)
          • IBAN or International Bank Account number: IBAN ES62 0182 2370 4202 0800 0060
          • BBVA Bank Identification Code (BIC): BBVAESMMXXX

    FEE PRICE: 3,74 €

    IMPORTANT: Special care should be taken that the correct amount of the fee is paid, as the financial entity is not able to refund mistaken amounts paid; requests for reimbursement will require that the interested party initiates a procedure for the refund of undue payment.

Certificates with effects abroad

When the criminal record is to take effect abroad you need to be legalized. It should be noted at the time of the request, referring to the country of destination of the document (Universal legalisation or The Hague Apostille).

NOTE: If a certificate does not have to be issued and the interested parties only wish to obtain information on the data concerning them contained in the Central Criminal Records Registry, they are entitled to request access to this data free of charge by providing proof of their identity.

Certificate requested by a Public Administration

For procedures in which any state, local or administration of the AGE request a certificate of criminal history, for adoptions, permits, licenses, etc. It is not necessary to request personal and individualized, the citizen has the right to authorize the administration to access criminal information through the Platform Intermediary Data managed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.


How to request it/present

How to request it/present
  • Inicia tu solicitud
  • Status of my application
  • Ministry´s Citizens Services Office and General Register