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Birth Registration

What is it?

Birth or delivery is deemed as the moment at which a person has a life of their own, independent of the mother's womb.

Birth registration is the register entry, carried out by the person in charge of the Civil Register, which certifies the birth, the date, time of birth and the location in which it took place, the sex and, as appropriate, the relationship of the registered individual. The birth is legally effective from the moment it occurs, but it requires registration in the Civil Register for full recognition.

Therefore, the birth registration is considered the act by which the required individuals report the event to the responsible authorities at the corresponding Civil Registers.

The birth registration shall include, specifically:

  • Name given to the new-born.
  • The date, time and location of the birth. In the case of multiple births, when the exact time is unknown for each new-born, indication shall be given of the order in which they were born, or that this could not be determined.
  • Whether the new-born is male or female and the name given.
  • The parents, when the relationship is legally recognised.
  • The number assigned to the birth or verification file.
  • The time of registration.

Who can request it?/present

The obligation to declare the birth affects blood relationships up to the fourth degree and relationships by marriage to the second degree; that is, the father or mother, or the grandparents, the aunts or uncles or cousins of the new-born, as well as the brothers/sisters-in-law of the new-born.

Delivery periods

The period for registering the birth is between 24 hours and 8 days after the birth, after which time, up to 30 calendar days, just cause must be certified and indicated in the registration. After that period, a late birth registration file must be processed before the Registrar or Acting Registrar of the corresponding Civil Register.

Births may also be registered with certifications of register entries issued by foreign Registry Offices, in lieu of the aforementioned file, as long as there is no doubt as to the authenticity of the registered event and its legality under Spanish law.

How to request it/present

How to request it/present
  • Inicia tu solicitud
  • Status of my application
  • Ministry´s Citizens Services Office and General Register