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Access to the documents in the Ministry of Justice's general archive

What is it?

The Ministry of Justice's General Archive forms a part of the General State Administration's Archive System, regulated by Royal Decree 1708/2011, of 18 November.

The archive collates and preserves the documentation produced by the department's various offices in the performance of their duties, once the administrative procedure in question has concluded, in order that it may be available to the administration and to the general public alike.

Documentary collections

As well as the administrative documents that are transferred from our offices each year, the Archive has a block of historic documentation, a highlight of which is the series of files granting titles to the nobility.

Who can request it?/present

For organisational reasons, those wishing to access the Ministry of Justice's General Archive's collection must first complete an application form (Archive consultation application form (PDF. 205 KB)). Access to the reading room is by appointment only.

The rights to access and to consult the archive is regulated by the Spanish Historical Heritage Act no.16/1985 of 25 June, the Legal Procedure of Public Administration and the Common Administrative Process Act no.30/1992 of 26 November, by Royal Decree 1708/2011, of 18 November, establishing the Spanish Archive System and regulating the archive system used by the General State Administration and its Public Bodies, access to said system and other regulations governing rights to access and to consult documents.

Any request to reproduce material from the archive requires the submission of a application form (Reproduction application form (PDF. 219 KB)).

Further information

For further information regarding the procedure, go to the Ministry of Justice's Public Assistance Centre.

For more specific matters, the unit is open 9:30 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact numbers: 91 837 22 95 - 902 007 214

How to request it/present