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Ministry of Justice

Ministerio de JusticiaMinisterio de Justiciaparemos el virus

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What is it?

Accessibility in a web portal means:

  • Facilitate access to people regardless of their physical state or their environment,
  • Enable access to information using different devices,
  • Include clear and well-structured content,
  • Improve browsing and the user experience.

The portal of the Ministry of Justice has been designed so that everyone can easily access and browse the contents. The accessibility policy applied by the Ministry of Justice meets the requirements of Royal Decree 1494/2007 of 12th November which approves the Regulation on the basic conditions for access to the technologies, products and services related to the information society and social communications media by people with disabilities.

The pages on this website meet level AA certification as per UNE Standard 139803:2012 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). All the requirements for Level A and Level AA have been checked and corrected by means of a semi-automatic accessibility analysis using various tools.

Icon to inform that this website complies with the AA mark in accordance with the UNE 139803:2012 Standard

Rapid access keys

In order to facilitate web browsing, the following rapid access keys have been implemented:

  • Key s: Go to the main content for this page
  • Key b: Portal Search Engine
  • Key 1: Main Page
  • Key 2: Legal notice
  • Key 3: Site map
  • Key 4: Browsing guide
  • Key 5: Channels
  • Key 6: Useful Links
  • Key 7: Accessibility
  • Key 8: Contact

In order to use these access keys with the main graphical browsers, use the following key combinations:

  • Internet Explorer: Alt + tecla + Enter
  • Firefox : Alt + Shift + tecla
  • Chrome: Alt + tecla
  • Opera: Shift + Esc + tecla
Change the size and colour of the text

This website is designed to enable the size, text colour and page background to be changed, using standard browser configuration options.

To change the font size of the text in the main browsers, use the following menus:

  • Internet Explorer: See > Text size
  • Mozilla and Firefox: See > Text size
  • Opera: See > Zoom
  • Safari: See > Enlarge text
  • Chrome: Control the current page> Text size

This site is optimised for the following web browsers: Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, Firefox and Chrome. The minimum recommended resolution is 1024x1280.

Contact and suggestions

We welcome your suggestions for making this portal a more accessible site. If you wish to report an error message or make any suggestions on the accessibility and/or standards used in this website, please use our contact form.

Note: This statement of conformity includes sites that fall under the domain www.mjusticia.gob.es excluding the pages that we have the external links and content that is embedded in this portal but come from other servers.

Accessibility Date last revised: April 18, 2016