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Previous Appointment at the head office of attention to the Citizen (C/Bag No. 8, Madrid) and Territorial Management

What is it?

The scheduled appointment service is designed so that people can make an appointment and carry out the following procedures:

  • Legalisations (C/ Bolsa 8, Madrid) and apostille certifications.
  • Criminal record and sex offenders register certificates.
  • Registered will certificates and death cover insurance policy certificates.
  • Ministry of Justice Information Service (C/ Bolsa 8, Madrid)

Who can request it?/present

Anyone interested in carrying out any of the procedures available in person by appointment.

Delivery periods

An appointment can be obtained for the following day.

If the appointment is for a registered will certificate or death cover insurance policy certificate, 15 working days must pass from the day after the death (not counting Saturdays, Sundays or holidays).

Further information


  •     Is there any special requirement for my computer, tablet or mobile to be able to make an appointment?.

 No, the application process works with all frequently used browsers.

  • What information should I provide to make an appointment?

 Name, surname, telephone number, email, and identity document type and number.

  • What identity document do I need to make an appointment?

 CAny of the following: DNI, residence permit, passport, Spanish driving licence, or EU identity document.

  • Do I have to bring the identification document with me on the day of the appointment?

 Yes, it is necessary in order to be seen.

  • Can one person make an appointment and another attend?

 Yes. However, the rules on representation must be taken into account, in cases where certificates are requested in someone else's name (criminal record certificate, sex offender certificate).

  • Can I make several appointments for myself and for the people who will accompany me?

 No. Each person must request their own appointment.

  • CHow many people can attend a single appointment?

 Only one person can go to each appointment.

  • How far in advance can I make an appointment?

 An appointment can be requested up to 14 days in advance (including holidays and working days).

  • Can I make an appointment for the same day or the next day?

 For organisational reasons, you can make an appointment for the next day if you wish, but not for the day on which you are making the appointment.

  • What do I do if there are no appointments available?

 You will have to wait for new appointments to become available. New appointments are released every day at midnight.

  • I am going abroad and there are no appointments available, what can I do?

 You can go in person to the office with your plane ticket or document that proves the urgent need to be seen that same day.

  • Can I change the date and/or time of an appointment on the day?

 No. The electronic office only allows you to cancel the appointment; you cannot get another one on the same day.

  • Can I make multiple appointments to legalise multiple documents or to request multiple certificates?

 It is not necessary to make multiple appointments for several similar procedures, just one is enough. For more information, see the information on each specific procedure.

  • I want to make an appointment to obtain a certificate and to legalise it, do I have to make two appointments?

 No. When a certificate is issued it is already legalised or apostilled; to do this, you must simply indicate, when requesting the certificate, the country where you are going to present it.

  • During the appointment request procedure, is there a limited connection time?

 You have ten minutes to make the appointment. After that time, the process must be started again.

  • What do I do if there was a break in the service during the appointment request and I do not know if my appointment has been recorded?

 You can check to see whether you have an appointment. If you do not, you can make a new request.

  • PWhere can I check my appointments?

 You can check your appointments on the appointment request website.

  • Is the office's address on the appointment confirmation?

 Yes

  • Can I print the appointment?

 Yes. It is also recommended you print the confirmation and take it to the appointment.

  • Can I download the appointment onto my mobile to show it?

 Yes, as long as the “locator” number is visible.

  • Will I receive an email to notify me of the appointment?

 Yes, once the appointment has been made.

  • What do I do if I don't receive an appointment confirmation email, even if I have confirmation??

 Simply go to the appointment with the confirmation.

  •     What should I do once I get to my appointment at Calle Bolsa or the corresponding branch?

What should I do once I get to my appointment at Calle Bolsa or the corresponding branch?

How to request it/present

  • Cita Previa
How to request it/present
  • Inicia tu solicitud
  • Status of my application
  • Ministry´s Citizens Services Office and General Register