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Ministry of Justice

Ministerio de JusticiaMinisterio de Justiciaparemos el virus

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Mjusticia.es is the portal of the Ministry of Justice. It was designed with a content structure and navigation system based on ensuring ease of use, understanding and accessibility for all users.

Throughout the entire site we find two common parts, the header and footer. Let's look at what's inside each one of them:


Header image


At the top, we see the logo of the Ministry of Justice. If you click on it, regardless of where you are, you will return to the home page.



The site includes versions of the portal in Spain's co-official languages (access to limited versions in Catalonian, Basque and Galician) and in English. If the content is not available in the chosen language, it will be displayed in Spanish.

The menu for choosing the language is in the header, in the top right margin of the home page and the results page.

Image of the language bar

It points out the language in which we are now viewing the page.

Search Engine.

The electronic office has an integrated Google search engine. With this tool, you can perform text searches throughout the site.

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Main menu.

A menu is always available at the top with the main areas into which the portal is divided:

Menu Image

When we are viewing the content of any of these, the currently selected menu will be highlighted and in colour, differentiating it from the other menu items.

Here we find the following sections:

  • The Ministry: information on the composition of the Ministry of Justice and access to the functions and structure.
  • Administration of Justice: information of interest related to the administration of justice, the judiciary, the prosecution and the General Council of the Judiciary.
  • Legislative Activity: information for Regulations, General Legislation Commission and Network for Legislative Cooperation of the EU.
  • Subject areas: different areas of interest related to the Nacionality, the Marital status, the Registries and the International affairs.
  • Professionals: provides access to information related professionals in te justice www.administraciondejusticia.gob.es.


At the bottom of the page, we find several links which allow us to access additional information about the Ministry of Justice's site:

Footer image

  • Legal Notice: Intended Users of the Portal and Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • Site Map: navigation structure of the site contents.
  • Navigation Guide: information on navigation in the portal.
  • Channels: different options to follow the news of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Useful Links: list of links grouped by subject.
  • Accessibility: detailed description of the commitment to accessibility.
  • Customer service: direct point of contact with the site.

How to know where we are

Outside of the homepage, the upper part of the page title shows a heading that identifies where you are and the route taken to the page being displayed. The first two parts of the header are links that allow you to browse.

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In its commitment to guidance and service for all citizens, has been designed following guidelines that make it accessible to disabled users. Learn more about the accessibility of this portal. If you encounter any problems related to navigation or viewing, please notify us using the contact form provided on this portal.