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Death Certificate

What is it?

The death certificate is the official document that certifies the death of an individual.

There are several types:

A) Positive Certificates:

  • Extract: This is a summary of the information related to the death, as it appears in the Civil Register. There are different versions:
    • Ordinary: It is issued in Spanish in the autonomous communities in which the only official language is Spanish.

      International or multilingual: This version is valid in the countries that have ratified the Vienna Convention of 8 September 1976. This certificate is issued in the official language of each of the signatory countries of that convention (Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Poland, Montenegro, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria).

    • Bilingual: Whenever an extract certificate is requested in an autonomous community that has its own official language, the certificate will be issued in Spanish and in the official language of the autonomous community in which it is issued.
  • Literal: This is a literal copy of the registration of the death, containing all of the data related to the identity of the deceased and the events surrounding the death.

B) Negative Certificates: These certify that the death of an individual has not been registered at that Civil Register.

Who can request it?/present

It may be requested by any citizen who requires it or has interest in it, except where the law prohibits publication without special authorisation of information regarding:

  • Adoption, extramarital or unknown relationships or details that unveil such circumstances; the date of marriage indicated on the page registering the birth, if the former were later than the latter or it occurred within the 180 days prior to the birth; the change of a Foundling surname or other similar or inconvenient ones.
  • Sex change.
  • Causes for annulment, separation or divorce, or the loss or suspension of parental authority.
  • Filed documents related to the details in the items above or to dishonourable circumstances or those of a reserved nature included in the file.
  • Abortion files.

How to request it/present

How to request it/present
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