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Online consultation of Spanish citizenship by residence applications

What is it?

Online consultation of citizenship applications enables citizens to verify the processing status of their application to the Subdirectorate-General of National and Marital Status (Directorate General of Registers and the Notaries).

The Ministry of Justice offers Spanish citizenship by residence applicants the possibility of consulting, through its web page, the status of their applications being processed by the Subdirectorate-General of Nationality and Marital Status (Subdirección General de Nacionalidad y Estado Civil).

The data obtained through this system is merely for information purposes. It is an information channel that complements the Subdirectorate-General of Nationality and Marital Status' public advice service, which is provided in person or over the phone.

Who can request it?/present

Anyone may request an online consultation regarding an application for Spanish citizenship by residence as long as they have a Foreigner's Identification Number (NIE) and the application reference number.


How to request it/present

  • Consulta tu expediente de nacionalidad por Mensajería Instantánea
  • Obtención de nacionalidad española
How to request it/present
  • Inicia tu solicitud
  • Status of my application
  • Ministry´s Citizens Services Office and General Register